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Hi, my name is Tange a slim 35 year old blonde WOMAN who is here to sell my used and dirty panties....
I sell my dirty panties discretely to discerning gentlemen around the world. Price can be dependant on any specific additional photo requirements.
Most of my customers are happy with my standard fee for a single photo of me out
wearing their selected panties in public.

I am happy to play with myself while wearing the panties, and you can have
a short video of me doing so for a per minute fee if you choose.

All I ask is you select the panties you would like to purchase from my
list, and if you want me to wear them out during the day or at night? And any
specific dress? Any specific photo requirement?
catalogue list
As an initial new customer payments are by Amazon gift voucher until you a verified as a happy client
then we may proceed to paypal or BACS for any future purchases.

I will wear my panties for a minimum of twelve hours. Extra time is extra
cost….I can only satisfy a select number of customers for obvious wearing
time constraints.
Standard panties and pic include P&P (UK) (pics emailed upon payment
receipt) Any extra pictures are extra, any specific requirement pics
have to be negotiated…ok?
Please don’t ask me to show my face in any pictures. I work in a high profile position so cannot afford to be recognised.
If you want to proceed contact me and let me know, I will send you a photo list of what I have available.

Hi there!
Im jenny 28 years old I'm a curvy girl (size 16) 36DD with long dark brown hair. My pussy is shaved and I'm always horny and ready to go!
I charge £15 for a pair of my worn knickers which are made to order so if you'd  like me to stuff them play in them, go to the gym in them or maybe even wear them while having sex just let me know. Im more than happy to help with any special request you may have no matter how kinky! I can also add a couple of pictures of me wearing my panties.
Once ready my panties are always sealed in a ziplock bag straight after play and wear and discretely mailed to you straight away. I accept PayPal only I send an invoice, once payment is confirmed I send your pictures package.
I sell all kinds of underwear socks (£8) tights (£8) bras (£10). Any other more specialist requests would depend on my initial outlay for the item.
I'm also open to sex texts, phone sex and pictures.
If there are any special requests let me know always happy to help ;)
If you'd like to see the products on offer or to make enquiries please email me at jennys.knickers@gmail.com

The Scent of Jazmin

So has anyone here heard about the Story of the Golden Thong?
I'm leaving the internet. It's nothing to do with anything that has happened on the internet, so none of you get big headed or worried, alright?

Life just sux, and I tend to be lashing out at people, so I'm cutting myself off from any social interaction... online or otherwise. I am deleting all my online accounts so no one can reach me. Bye bye everyone.

If anyone wants to step up and be the new maintainer for this community, I'd be happy to give it to you
Username & Password panties! :D

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Hey so even though there's an obvious anime/manga theme, who remembers that one episode of 'That 70s Show'?

"Panties! Glooooorious panties!"
I made the layout all nice ^_^

i love penti's so much that i wear em on my head!! woot woot!!

and please note...the penti hasn't been USED before >PCollapse )
Some of my fav panties...

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Pink Polka DotCollapse )

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